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Hackensack DUI Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle accident, the first reaction you most likely have is anger and frustration. These emotions are compounded if it is determined that the driver of the other vehicle was driving while intoxicated. Contact a skilled Passaic County drunk driving accident attorney as soon as possible.

Tiffany Glenn Burress, Attorney at Law, understands the stress and frustration you are feeling. Another driver's irresponsibility has led to severe injuries. Whether this accident was brought about by speeding, crossing the center line and causing a head-on collision, or failing to recognize an intersection and causing a side-impact collision, you are entitled to compensation. It is our goal to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible in your situation to ensure your financial stability. Lost wages, medical bills and property damage can quickly devastate a family's finances. Trust us to fight on your behalf.

Passaic County Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Some of the most devastating accidents are caused when a negligent individual is driving under the influence. Catastrophic injuries, including head injuries, neck injuries and spinal cord injuries can require multiple doctor visits, surgery, physical therapy or a lifetime of pain. We will work with the liable party's insurance carrier to reach a beneficial monetary settlement to compensate you for your added expenses and pain and suffering. If we cannot reach a settlement, we are confident in our ability to represent you in court.

In many situations, it is possible to hold the restaurant, bar, sports facility or nightclub responsible for over serving an individual. If this person becomes drunk, and then causes an accident, we might be able to pursue a dram shop liability action. Trust our firm to explore every legal avenue of compensation to ensure your financial stability.

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